What's next for Belgium's economy ?

Global Competitiveness Report 2017-2018

On the 25th of October our Solvay Business Voice Series, in collaboration with the World Economic Forum, the Solvay Schools Alumni and L'Echo, took place. The topic was about Belgium's economy regarding its ranking in the Global Competitiveness Report launched by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Since 1979, the "Global Competitiveness Report" is widely recognized by the academia, industry and governments as the world’s leading competitiveness assessment, covering over 130 economies.

For 2017, Belgium’s competitiveness was assessed by the WEF, thanks to the insights and opinions of high-level executives surveyed by the Solvay Brussels School. More than 90 executives from different sectors and regions participated in the “Global Executive Survey” known as “the voice of the Business Community”.

This conference welcomed a special debate with eminent speakers: Johan Van Overtveldt, Minister of Finance in the current government Michel I, André Sapir, university Professor at the Université libre de Bruxelles, Dr Silja Baller, Practice Lead, Digital Economy and Innovation at the World Economic Forum, and Rik Vera, co-founder and CEO of Nexxworks. The debate was moderated by Serge Quoidbach, Deputy Editor-in-chief at L'Echo.

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Punit Bhatia a SBS-EM alumnus, and a senior professional with more than 18 years of experience in executing change and leading transformation initiatives, wrote a book about General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

This book will provide you several answers and guide you to build your data protection plan.

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Microfinance Social Rating Scores and Governance Structure

Muluneh Hideto Dato, a Solvay PhD student at CERMi one of our Research Centres, has received from the European Microfinance Platform the Best PhD Paper Award at the 5th European Research Conference on Microfinance (Portsmouth, UK) for his paper "Association between Microfinance Social Rating Scores and Governance Structure: A Global Survey."  

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Entrepreneurial Students

Meet Emna Everard, a Solvay alumnus who launched "Kazidomi", an e-shop specialized in healthy food products. Learn through her experience what the keys are to become a successful entrepreneur.

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Solvay Credited Internship

Read our interview about Sebastiano Federighi, a Solvay MA2 student who undertook his Credited Internship Program (CIP) at Real Impact Analytics.

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Be Proud with US

Mathias Dewatripont has been awarded the best paper award of AEJ: Policy for his paper “Of Mice and Academics: Examining the Effect of Openness on Innovation" (joint work with Fiona Murray, Philippe Aghion, Julian Kolev and Scott Stern).

It was chosen by vote of the Board of Editors among all papers published in the last three years.


Be Proud with US

The Solvay Brussels School is proud of Aas Øyvind, one of its Ecares PhD student who was interviewed by the Bi Norwegian Business School where he did his studies few years ago.

This school wanted to know what path the former student undertook and what his future is here at the Solvay Brussels School.

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Updated on April 25, 2019