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A reward for meaningful teaching projects!

Each year, the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management (SBS-EM) organises its « SBS-EM Teaching Awards & Innovation  », a manner to reward its pedagogical team of excellent professors and assistants, all of whom are committed to providing students with a quality education! Excellence, commitment, creativity and innovation: these are just some of the words that demonstrate their know-how.

The SBS-EM Teaching Awards & Innovation represent a unique opportunity to reward, through a jury composed of representatives from diverse horizons including our students, the cream of the crop among our academic and scientific staff, and to highlight their initiatives!

Objectives of the SBS-EM Teaching Awards & Innovation :

The SBS-EM Teaching Awards & Innovation target teaching projects that are part of a collective approach or linked to the learning objectives of the teaching profiles of the different programs offered by SBS-EM. 

The SBS-EM Teaching Awards & Innovation were created in order to :

  • encourage and highlight teaching initiatives that go in the direction of a collective approach and/or are linked to teaching profiles,
  • feed the teaching record of professors and teaching assistants with a formal recognition from the Faculty,
  • inspire academic and scientific staff and make them want to innovate and experiment.


Marjorie GASSNER

Winner 2021 -"Lifetime Achievement"

"The "nomination" by the students for a "lifetime achievement award" is obviously pleasant, flattering and, above all, moving, but it also makes one realize that one is "at the end of the road", that most of one's achievements are behind one, that one is - a bit - old!
That said, it does provide a look back at how far he has come since the beginning of his career, including the evolution of his personal vision of teaching, adapting to changing technology and.... students."


Claudia Toma
Professor and vice-dean students affairs

Winner 2021 - "Senior Academic"

"I was very touched by this nomination because for me, it means above all the growing interest of the students in the psychological and social aspects of management. It is also thanks to them, to their exchanges and ideas, that the course has been enriched over the years. I am confident that our future managers will know how to make diversity a real asset for organizations!"


The "dutch" Team
Jessica van Ginneken, Franck Scheppers, Pascale Thielemans, Nathalie Van der Perre, Tinne Debout, Sofie Van Geijn, Christelle Jussiant

Winner 2021 - "Team SBS-EM"

"At the beginning of the academic year, our team completely redesigned the Dutch language course in the Master's program and decided to organize it in a modular format, putting the student at the center of the learning process. Receiving this Teaching Award is the consecration of all the efforts made and encourages us to continue in this direction and to constantly improve our teaching."


Winner 2021 -"Teaching assistant"

"I am greatly touched and honoured to be nominated by the students and selected by the Jury for the 2021 SBS-EM Teaching Awards & Innovation because it’s an acknowledgement of the work done to engage the students on a regular basis and to foster autonomous learning during the pandemic."

Candidat.e.s et lauréat.e.s 2019

Candidat.e.s : 

Cantillon Estelle ECON-S-452 : Innovations pédagogiques pour développer les compétences transférables 
Hensmans  Manuel  GEST-S-468
Hesse Heiko ECON-S-461 Advanced topics in macroeconomics
Pirotte Hugues  GEST-S-408 ; GEST-S-569 ; PHD Seminar ; Exed : La Pédagogie intuitive et ludique et préparation à la vie professionnelle
Rongy Laurence CHIM-S-101 : La chimie pour les INGE
Rothenberger Sandra GEST-S-489 et GEST-S-403 : S.A.V.E.D strategy
van Pottelsberghe Bruno GEST-S-2002 : Travaux de groupes en grands auditoires
Bennala Nezar TP et guidances Stat-s-101
Gilson Matthieu GEST-S-302 : Enseignement des travaux pratiques
Hennicke Moritz ECON-S-463 : Enseignement des travaux pratiques
Milano Carmela GEST-S-489 et GEST-S-403 : Coordination du programme de Digital Master Academy
Celik, Dermine Pinar, Elise DROIT-S-3002 : Regards croisés psychologie et droit
Haelterman, Rongy Marc, Laurence CHIM-S-101 et PHYS-S-1001 : TP commun de thermodynamique

van der Linden John  GEST-S-555 : Field Project: Strategy, management and Entrepreneurship
George Martine STAT-S-406 : Utiliser des données pour la prise de décision
De Gernier Robin PHYS-S-1001, PHYS-S-201 et GEST-S-3002 : Développement d'un outil d'évaluation continue des étudiants
Cantillon Estelle Développement durable @ Solvay
Demuynck, De Rock, Gassner Thomas, Bram, Marjorie MATH-S-101, MATH-S-201, ECON-S-202, MATH-S-400, MATH-S-401 : Intégration des cours de math et micro
Candidat.e.s et lauréat.e.s 2020

Candidat.e.s : 

Behrens Judith GESTS421 - Introduction to entrepreneurship
Verstraeten Michel GESTS488 - Comportement organisationnel et leadership
Estache Antonio ECONS531 - Business Economics Workshops
Allé Michel GESTS3002 - Séminaire pluridisciplinaire
Hudon Marek GESTS449 - Managing social enterprise
Vanpoucke Evelyne GESTS472 - International supply chain management
Murphy Hugh LANGS301 - Anglais II 
Arnhem Matthieu PHYSS1001 - Connaissances fondamentales et éléments de pysique
Rothenberger Sandra GESTS403 / GESTS489 - Advanced Marketing Management 

Lauréat.e.s :
Gassner Marjorie MATHSS101 - Mathématiques générale: analyse et algèbre linéaire / MATHSS201 - Mathématique : fonctions de plusieurs variables
Hoffreumon Charles INFOS302 - Introduction à l'Informatique / GESTS430 - Business Intelligence and Data Science / GESTS482 - Digital Business
Behrens, Reichert Judith, Patrick GESTS568 - Social Entrepreneurship
Candidat.e.s et lauréat.e.s 2021

Candidat.e.s : 

Arnhem Matthieu PHYS - S201 & S1001 - Physique des technologies de l'information 
Bennala Nezar STAT-S101 - Statistique descriptive et éléments de probabilités
De Cock Valérie GEST-S495 - Negociation skills
Equipe Apéro-Délégués Pour les appels de coordination du lundi soir
Paindaveine Davy STAT-S202 - Probabilités, inférence statistique et recherche opérationnelle
Bertomeu Salva ECON-S421 - The economics of regulation
De Rock Bram ECON-S202 - Microeconomics theory : consumer and producer choice

Lauréat.e.s :
Murphy Hugh LANG-S301 - Anglais III 
Equipe Néerlandais LANG-S001/402/405/407 - Néerlandais
Toma Claudia GEST-S517 - Managing diversity and multiculturality
Khrouz Faska Ensemble de la carrière + GEST-S2001  (Partie Analyse des Etats Financiers)
Gassner Marjorie Ensemble de la carrière + MATH-S201 - Mathématique générale : analyse et algèbre linéaire
De sadeleer Julie MATH-S202 - Mathématique : algèbre linéaire II et fonctions de plusieurs variables
Vanpoucke Evelyne Présidence de jury du master en management
Pirotte Hugues Présidence de jury du master en ingénieur de gestion
Dehon Catherine STAT-S202 (pour les quizz)

Updated on November 5, 2021