Thank you for your interest in spending an exchange period at Solvay Brussels School!

You will find below the main steps involved in order to make this happen:

Before departure


As a first step, please make sure that your home institution is part of our faculty’s partner network. Then, contact the international office of your home university in order to inquire about its selection process.

You have been selected? Your official nomination must then be emailed by your home coordinator by 15 May for fall and 15 October for spring. Once your nomination has been received, we will send a confirmation immediately.

Online registration

As a second step, you will receive infopack 1 electronically, with an invitation to register online.

Once your online registration is complete, infopack 2 will be emailed to you, as well as your acceptance letter.

Preparing your departure
  • Budget : please take the average cost of living into account when planning your stay.
  • Visas: Non-EU citizens should contact the Belgian embassy or consulate in their home country to inquire about visa requirements and procedures. Should you need to apply for a visa, please note that your acceptance letter will be required.
  • Transportation : if you are buying a flight or train return ticket, please try to buy an open ticket or make sure that the return journey is not scheduled during the official exam period.
  • Health insurance : Please ensure you are covered by insurance in case of illness or accident. ULB’s mandatory insurance (€12) only covers you for accidents on campus or on your way to and from campus.

During your exchange

Registering at the town hall

As soon as you have moved in your flat or student room, please register with your town hall’s foreigners’ office within 8 working days.

Orientation week

A mandatory orientation week, consisting in a French crash course, information sessions, and social activities is organised for exchange students the week before classes begin. The orientation week takes place the week before each semester starts.


You will be required to register to courses just after your arrival in Brussels. Find more information here.


Exchange students must sit their exams during the official exam periods, like local students. This implies they may not organise their exams individually with the professors, or try to negotiate the marks obtained.

Each student will have the possibility to re-sit any failed exam(s). The second session of exams does not involve additional fees, and will take place between mid-August and mid-September in Brussels.

After your exchange

Evaluation form

You will be asked to fill in an evaluation form at the end of your exchange.

Transcript of records

Your official transcript will be sent directly to your home institution’s coordinator by e-mail (with a copy to you). Transcripts will be sent in March for students in the fall semester, and in July for other students.

Updated on June 4, 2019