We are excited to introduce an innovative and groundbreaking academic initiative EU TRIBE, a triple-degree bachelor diploma programme in business economics. This collaborative effort between SBS-EM, Goethe University in Frankfurt, and LUISS University in Rome promises to provide an unparalleled international educational experience for students seeking a comprehensive understanding of business economics.

Tri-National Collaboration: Brussels, Frankfurt, and Rome. EU TRIBE bring together three vibrant European cities – Brussels, Frankfurt, and Rome – to create a unique learning experience. This triple-degree program is not only an academic journey but also a cultural exploration, allowing students to immerse themselves in the diverse and dynamic environments of these European hubs.

Partnership with Goethe University and LUISS University The collaboration with Goethe University in Frankfurt and LUISS University in Rome adds a distinct global perspective to our business economics program. This partnership reflects a commitment to providing students with a well-rounded education that transcends borders and prepares them for the challenges of a globalized business landscape.

Program Structure: A Year in Each Partner University Ten students from each institution will have the exceptional opportunity to spend one year at each partner university, delving into their respective bachelor's programs in economics. This immersive experience ensures that participants gain a deep understanding of different academic approaches, cultural nuances, and business practices across the three cities. 

Triple-National Bachelor's Diplomas: A unique achievement upon successful completion of the program, students will receive three national bachelor's diplomas, recognized by Solvay Brussels School, Goethe University, and Luiss University. This prestigious accomplishment not only signifies academic excellence but also highlights the international and multicultural skills acquired during the EU TRIBE journey.

Application Process and Selection The selection process for EU TRIBE will be competitive, with a focus on academic achievement, language proficiency, and a demonstrated passion for cross-cultural collaboration. Interested students are encouraged to apply and embark on this transformative educational adventure.

As we unveil EU TRIBE, we anticipate the positive impact it will have on the academic and personal development of the participating students. This triple-degree program is a testament to our commitment to providing innovative and globally relevant educational opportunities, preparing our students to thrive in an interconnected world. Stay tuned for further details on the application process and embark on the EU TRIBE journey with us.


Updated on February 20, 2024