The Purpose

The Campus Recruitment service was created in 2007, in the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management. Its purpose is to build bridges between students and companies through a wide range of recruiting events.

Workshops, conferences, mock interviews, or custom meetings are organised nearly every week, while the Solvay Career Days are held every year: this event gathers dozens of companies across all industries; this enables Solvay Campus Recruitment to help many students significantly improve their professional skills, find the perfect internship, or get the job of their dreams.

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The Team

Damian STRYCHARSKI Coordinator +32 470 54 56 81 Email
Raphaël CHARLIER Coordinator +32 476 85 59 94 Email
Julien BELLENS Coordinator +32 493 52 74 39 Email
Mathias ROELENS Event +32 471 62 01 97 Email
Jason SADAOUI Event +32 471 30 48 20 Email
Dinis SATOUEV Event +32 485 94 42 45 Email

Our Services

The Reform

This year, Solvay Campus Recruitment’s services has gone through major changes: instead of being offered individually, they are now part of different packages. Three types of partnership packages are offered by the School, ranging from a first contact with students to a close relationship between the company and the School.

Becoming a Partner

By purchasing any of our packages, you will become a Solvay partner. But what does this mean? Among other things, being a partner allows you to build a privileged and durable relationship with the School, increase your visibility with our students and global community, expand your business relationships through networking opportunities, and enhance your brand’s profile in our community.

The Packages

Three types of packages are available: the On-Campus package, the Tailor-Made package and the Exclusive package. They include the following services:

  • 3 e-mails to students 
  • 3 facebook posts 
  • A booth at either our job fair OR our Consulting Week (see ‘Events’)
  • Online visibility (logo on our website + presence in our annual video)
  • Offline visibility (posters and flyers + presence in our brochure stands)

Except for the e-mails and Facebook posts, whose numbers change, the Tailor-Made package includes everything in the On-Campus package.

  • 5 e-mails to students
  • 5 Facebook posts
  • A morning workshop at our Jobfair 
  • A recruitment event (presentation, workshop, cultural activity)
  • Featuring in our school newsletter

Except the e-mails, Facebook posts, and recruitment events, whose numbers change, the Exclusive package includes everything in the Tailor-Made package.

  • 7 e-mails to students
  • 7 Facebook posts
  • Up to 2 recruitment events 
  • Higher priority for events
  • Guest lectures (BVS, classroom, workshop with student clubs)
  • Use of SBS infrastructure
  • Presence in Solvay alumni magazine
  • Exclusive video 


Solvay Campus Recruitment organises three large events that gather many different companies. You can find the dates and contents of these events below. Please note, certain events are only open to certain types of companies.

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Updated on January 24, 2020