General information

Courses are organised around the ECTS credit system. Each of our courses typically accounts for 5 ECTS.

The exact number of courses or ECTS that exchange students will have to complete is determined by their home institution. However, we require that students enrol in a minimum of one course and a maximum of 30 ECTS per semester.

Courses selection

Exchange students will find courses open to them on our courses list and should consider the following:

  • the course list only covers the current academic year and is subject to change
  • courses timetable is available from our platform
  • the student’s choice of courses should be approved by their home institution prior to registration
  • if exchange students are allowed to select courses from other faculties, they at least 60% of their programme must still be at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management
  • for any question related to the content or organisation of courses, students should contact our academic coordinators

Registration procedure

Exchange students will be required to register to classes using an online portal, for which they will receive credentials upon arrival. During the registration period, our academic coordinators will arrange a presentation and office hours in order to finalise course registration before the deadline.

Learning agreement

This paragraph is relevant to students joining us in as part of the Erasmus programme. Erasmus students must also follow with Erasmus requirements, including by signing a learning agreement—a formal contract listing all courses agreed upon, and signed by all parties. The deadline for finalising the learning agreement is the same as for course registration.


Exams and transcript of records

Exchange students are required to sit all exams for which they are registered, during the official exam period and under the same conditions as local students.

Students are given the opportunity to re-sit failed exams during the second session of exams (mid-August to mid-September). This is optional and free of charge for exchange students.

Once all exams marks are available online and the deliberation finished, the students will be able to download their transcript of records and supply them to their home university coordinators.

The transcript of records includes the score obtained / 20, and its translation in the ECTS system (A-F). The ECTS grade is calculated on the basis of the average of the course over the last three years. If the cohort were to be less than 50 students (registrations added up over the last 3 years) or if the course had to be recent (< 3 years), the following unique grid would be applied:

  • D 10,5
  • C 13
  • B 15
  • A 17,5
Please note that this calculation only applies to exchange students, it doesn’t apply to double-degree students.

Updated on March 11, 2024