Solvay graduates compete for business positions in an increasingly complex job market where employers use sophisticated recruitment strategies and tools such as assessments centres, case-based interviews, online reasoning tests, recruitment gamification, cognitive and personality evaluations, cultural fit, behavioural interviews, etc.

The Career Services team prepares students to succeed in their key interactions with recruiters and future managers. To ensure that all students have access to these resources, Career Services uses modern digital tools and platforms to deliver various training sessions and relevant career content. One of them is our online course SOS Careerwhich includes videos, tutorials, exercises, and other learning resources on the following topics:
  1. How to find job and internship opportunities
  2. How to create an impactful resume
  3. How to write an effective cover letter
  4. How to prepare for a job interview
    In addition, Career Services organises—in collaboration with alumni, student associations, experts, and corporate partners—workshops dedicated to topics such as:
  • Cracking the case
  • Networking techniques
  • Mock interviews
  • Career Paths

Updated on March 27, 2019