About the fund

In honour of Marie-Christine Adam, its former President, the Solvay Business School (former name of SBS-EN) created the ‘Marie-Christine Adam Fund’ in 2000 to continue the work she started.

The objective of the fund is to encourage students to take part in international exchange programmes at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, whose development was one of Marie-Christine Adam’s most significant contributions.

The fund's budget is dedicated to:

  • awarding an annual prize to a team including at least one Solvay student and one student from a partner university, as part of a contest about international video
  • granting scholarships to Solvay students experiencing financial difficulties in order to help them go on an exchange programme
  • granting scholarships to students in EMP programme in Microfinance, in order for them to complete an internship in a developing country

Who was Marie-christine Adam ?

Marie-Christine Adam was born in Argentina in 1949. After studying economics and completing a Master in Econometrics at ULB, she left Belgium in 1973 to pursue a PhD at Johns Hopkins University (USA). She then came back to ULB, working as an assistant in one of our research centres, DULBEA. Finally, she became a professor in Finance at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management. During her brilliant career, she was also invited as a visiting professor in several universities. Her international scientific publications mainly deal with the analysis of financial markets, the financing of technological innovation, and the international economy.

Marie-Christine Adam was President of SBS-EM from 1989 to 1993. She played an instrumental role in three major achievements that completely transformed the School: the creation of the ‘DES’ in Management, the creation of the international exchange programme, and the revival of the Centre Emile Bernheim de Recherche Interdisciplinaire en Gestion (CEBRIG) and the doctoral programme. She was also Vice-Rector in charge of International Affairs at ULB from 1994 to her death in 2000, following a long illness.

Board of Directors

The Fund is management by a Board of Directors composed of:




Current Dean of the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management


Patrick GOBLET



Other administrators:

Philippe BILTIAU 

Professor at ULB

Virginie BRUNEAU

Director of Emile Bernheim Research Center SBS-EM, ULB


Faculty Managing Director - Faculty of Psychology and Education - ULB


Professor at ULB

Pierre de MARET

Ex Rector of ULB

Patrick GOBLET

Financial Director of ULB

Pierre-Guillaume MEON

Director of Centre Emile Bernheim - SBS-EM / ULB

Patrick MEYER

Family Representative


Professor at ULB


Professor at ULB


Lead Analyst & Functional Architect, IT Department


International Relations Coordinator - SBS-EM/ULB


Professor at ULB


Professor at ULB


Dean at SBS-EM


Professor at ULB


Ex Managing Director - Faculty of Applied Sciences / Ecole Polytechnique, ULB


Capital Creation

The fund is financed by donations from former friends and colleagues of Marie-Christine Adam, and by friends and alumni of the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management (SBS-EM).

These sources are supplemented by a permanent contribution from SBS-EM.

An additional contribution of BEF550,000 (€13,634) was made by the Léon François Fund. This fund was created by Léon François’s widow, Ms. Piette, to finance international trips for SBS-EM students. To this day, the couple has no heirs. The contribution was transferred to the Marie-Christine Adam Fund with the written approval of SBS-EM’s President.

Each year, two prizes and scholarships can be granted for an amount not exceeding 4% of the Fund’s assets (sum of donations and other contributions). If the amount available for a given year is not given out as scholarships and prizes, the remainder is either incorporated back into the Fund’s assets, added to the available balance for the next year, or used as supplementary funding for any other academic activity related to issues that were dear to Marie-Christine Adam.

The Fund’s assets are managed by ULB on a specific account linked to SBS-EM.


Fund Management

The Fund is managed by a board of directors that meets annually.

The Fund’s office is composed of a president, two vice-presidents, a treasurer, and a secretary. The Fund’s office is in charge of managing current affairs.
Updated on April 25, 2022