Number of teachers participating in the initiative

Participating teachers commit to adapting the content of their courses and coordinating with their colleagues to offer a complete and coherent training program on a sustainable development theme.


Number of courses participating in the initiative

The courses participating in the initiative are typically compulsory courses. They devote several sessions to themes linked to sustainable development, and place this learning within the broader framework of the pedagogical objectives of the course to which they belong.

Number of programs included in the initiative

Pathways are coordinated at program level for an optimized learning experience for students.

Number of students (approx.)

The figures for 2017-18 refer to the number of students enrolled in the pilot courses. From 2018-19, the number of students refers to the number of students in participatings. program

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Fraction of briefs with a sustainable development component

Classification by title.


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Number of theme trails


Updated on July 5, 2023