Our current lifestyle, habits of consumption and methods of production are not sustainable. We are using more natural resources than the planet can produce, and have already reached several critical limits in terms of what the Earth’s system can tolerate. Climate change, the collapse of biodiversity, rising inequality and mass migrations are but a few symptoms of this situation.

Thankfully, our knowledge of these phenomena has also significantly increased over recent decades. At a time when we must seek to reinvent our societies, it is essential to provide the decision-makers of tomorrow with the keys to understanding these challenges, along with the tools to tackle them and come up with solutions.

Thanks to the the support of our partners and sponsors, the Sustainable Development teaching initiative is breaking disciplinary silos and opening up the conversation about sustainability across our courses and programmes. It is not only changing what we teach but also about how we teach. We need people who think differently and who are prepared to roll up their sleeves and create new ways to work, produce, consume and live.
Updated on July 5, 2023