Mobility grants vary depending on the type of mobility and the destination country. All mobility grants are coordinated by the Student Mobility Office (SME). These grants can only be obtained by following the application procedure, after destinations are allocated.

European destinations - Erasmus scholarships

Erasmus+ grants are automatically attributed to students who have applied and been selected for an exchange programme in Europe. Grant amounts vary according to the cost of living in the host country and the student’s socio-economic status, according to the table below:


Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden

€600/month (€850 for FWB students)

Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, The Netherland

€540/month (€790 for FWB students)

Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia, Turkey

€490/month (€740 for FWB students)

Belgian destinations – Erasmus Belgica scholarships

Each student receives a €100 grant for any Erasmus Belgica participation. Students who choose to go live in the host city during the exchange can request an additional €100 per month (not applicable for an exchange programme at VUB).

Swiss destinations

Switzerland offers grants to incoming students. The procedure required to receive this grant will be communicated by the Swiss host university itself, a few months before the start of the exchange. The amount is currently around €390 per month.

Non-EU destinations – FAME scholarships

Students leaving for a non-EU exchange programme can request the FAME grant. This scholarship offers a monthly grant whose amount depends on the student’s socio-economic status + a travel fee depending on the distance between ULB and the host university.

More information can be found on the “International Relations” platform, on the Université virtuelle.

Marie-Christine Adam Foundation

The objective of the Marie-Christine Adam Foundation is to encourage students to fully participate in the School’s exchange programmes, one of Marie-Christine Adam’s most significant contributions to the School.

Among others things, the Foundation allocates funds to award an annual prize of €1,250 and scholarships to Solvay students experiencing financial difficulties, in order to enable them to take part in an exchange programme.

More details can be found on the Marie-Christine Adam Foundation's page or by sending an email to

Updated on September 20, 2022