By choosing our faculty, our students start a multidisciplinary academic learning experience that is resolutely oriented towards a better understanding of our society, the issues related to the sustainable development of companies, our public institutions, their governance and their mode of operation.

Our faculty is distinguished by the intense research activity of its 180 full-time professors and doctoral students, the very active participation of more than 350 leaders and specialists from private and public institutions in the teaching staff, the entrepreneurial dynamism of its students, an alumni network of more than 30,000 members worldwide and two international accreditations.

The Faculty collaborates with more than 140 academic partners worldwide, is an active and founding member of the QTEM network and offers credited internships in more than 100 Belgian and international companies and institutions.

Together with the dean's team and the members of our ecosystem, we have adapted a strategy for the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management. This strategy is based on 5 axes:

  • Sustainability transformation : Developing students' knowledge and skills in the field of transition, based on a scientific and practical academic approach
  • Developing the internationalization and mobility offer: Developing the internationalization of the school in terms of teaching (in particular bachelors) and research, relying on the attractiveness of the Brussels location and the QTEM network founded by the school
  • Co-creation and multidisciplinary platforms: Develop our teaching and research in the fields of public policy, biotechnology, real estate and digital, in co-creation with members of our ecosystem.
  • Strengthen the school's organization and simplify its governance: Continue to strengthen the organization of SBS EM, supported by increased transparency and improvement of our processes
  • Perpetuate the core activities of Business Management and Economics: Our Business Management and Economics activities are designed to adapt to key external trends (sustainability and digitization) and to serve as a living laboratory in Belgium and Europe.

At the beginning of this academic year, I invite you to look towards the world of tomorrow, to commit yourself to a world you will be proud of, a world that is sustainable and respectful of the environment. I would like to thank you for your choice and your confidence. I wish you fruitful and enriching studies, a university life filled with happiness, surprises, social commitment, encounters and new friendships.

Bruno van Pottelsberghe
Dean of the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management (SBS-EM)