The global and regional professional landscapes are changing dramatically and at a speed never experienced before. This means Solvay Millennials are making decisions in a job market that is much more unstable than in the previous generations. Thanks to the developments in artificial intelligence (AI), biotechnology, and neurosciences, new innovative industries and jobs are emerging and evolving; others, however, are going through drastic changes or may disappear in the short term.

For this reason, Career Services helps and encourages students to explore different career paths.

Starting at the early stages of their studies at Solvay, students have the opportunity to take part in the following activities:

Credited Internship Programme (CIP): this one semester full-time internship is offered to all master students, it is an early integration to the job market that aims to promote in-depth reflection about their career goals and motivations and the further development of key soft skills.

Voluntary Internships: an opportunity to discover different employers and future CIP projects, this option is open to all bachelor and master students at any time during the academic year as well as holidays.

Campus Recruitment Events: organised with the CR student association, these events promote interactions between students and potential employers, offering weekly recruitment sessions, conferences, workshops, and 3 flagship events:

  1. Consulting Week: an event that gathers several consulting firms for various activities such as business-cases, networking sessions, company presentations, after-works, etc.
  2. Career Days: a high-profile yearly job fair, gathering dozens of companies from numerous sectors and hundreds of students across all academic programmes.
  3. Fair for Impact & Start-up Night: recognising Solvay students’ active entrepreneurial and social spirit, these two days are dedicated to non-profit organisations, NGOs, the public sector, start-ups, and social entrepreneurs.
Solvay Jobteaser Career Platform: all Solvay students and employers have free access to our cutting-edge career platform, a digital environment where our students:
  1. Find and apply to challenging career opportunities: local and international jobs and internships
  2. Attend career education training sessions
  3. Learn more about potential employers: recruitment practices, profiles, culture, and work environments and conditions.
  4. Connect with employers online
Updated on April 3, 2020