1. Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management

The Sustainable Development Initiative in Numbers


Number of professors participating in the initiative


Professors who take part commit to adapting the content of their courses and coordinating with colleagues in their thematic pathway to provide students with a coherent and complete learning experience.

Number of courses participating in the initiative


Courses included in the initiative are typically compulsory courses. They devote several sessions to sustainable development-related subjects, linking the content to the overall learning goals of the thematic pathways to which they belong.

Number of programmes participating in the initiative


Pathways are coordinated at the level of programmes for a coherent and comprehensive learning experience for students.

Number of students (approx.)


The 2017-18 number refers to the number of students in the courses involved in the pilot courses. The 2018-19 and onwards numbers refer to the number of students enrolled in the programme participating in the initiative.

master theses
Fraction of master theses with a sustainability component 

fraction memoire graphique
Categorisation based on the title of the theses.

stage logo
Fraction of credited internships with a sustainability dimension

fraction stage graphique
Categorisation based on the explicit mention of sustainability in the subject of the internship. 


Updated on March 22, 2021