BAPS is the teaching and learning center of the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management. It provides several services to Solvay students and Solvay academic members.

The Pedagogical Support Office (BAPS) of the Solvay Brussels School aims at providing support to you (academic and scientific community) in your teaching mission through training, individual or collective support, conferences, tools, ... all tailored to your needs and at the right time.   

Our pedagogical advisor, Mathilde ELLYTON, can offer you a variety of helpful services:   

  • Pedagogical guidance for individual or collective projects. 
  • Pedagogical training for new teachers during their first year of commitment.
  • Help with the design and preparation of courses, online or offline: definition of objectives, facilitation, assessment, etc.  
  • Classroom observation for the purpose of improving the delivery of instruction.
  • Pedagogical activities: workshops, seminars, conferences, training, tools, exchange of good practices.   
  • Promotion, support and enhancement of active teaching initiatives.
  • Or any other need you may have...   

Updated on April 1, 2020