As we bid farewell to 2023, Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management takes pride in reflecting upon a year filled with academic achievements, groundbreaking research, and vibrant community engagement. Join us as we journey through the highlights that defined our school's identity and impact during this extraordinary year.

Bruno van Pottelsberghe

This year has been an incredible journey for our Faculty, filled with achievements and exciting activities. We are extremely proud of what we have accomplished. It is the outstanding determination, commitment, and dedication of each member of our community—professors, students, doctoral candidates, and administrative staff—that has truly brought these events and campaigns to life. Thank you all for your invaluable contribution to the success of our faculty.


The year 2023 was exceptional for our Faculty, marked by the celebration of its 120th anniversary and a diverse range of high-quality events. Conferences on topics such as entrepreneurship, the "Open A.I. phenomenon," and the connection between "Business & Society" enriched our program. Student clubs also organized various events such as the Solvay Career Days, the Solvay Marketing Challenge, and Beach Volley etc.

Research centers, Solvay Lifelong Learning, and Solvay School Alumni contributed with conferences and debates, such as the ECARES 30th Anniversary, CEBRIG's Management Café and the Women Network Event - Women in STEM etc. Faculty events in collaboration with the ULB, such as the Ernest Learning Lab and the double proclamation ceremony on the Grand Place of Brussels (Faculty and QTEM), also marked the year.

The re-election of Dean Bruno van Pottelsberghe, Vice-Dean Catherine Dehon, and the election of Professor Mathias Dewatripont as a Foreign Honorary Member of the American Economic Association were some of the notable events. Additionally, the Faculty's 56th position in the Financial Times European Business School Ranking 2023 was a remarkable success.

The celebration of the Faculty's 120th anniversary honored by the presence of His Majesty the King was the focal point of the year, highlighted by a crowdfunding campaign and a conference.

A big thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of this exceptional year.

Academic Excellence:

Conferences and Symposia: 2023 witnessed a series of enlightening conferences and symposia hosted by the school and/or its Research Centers. Renowned scholars and industry leaders converged to share insights on the latest developments in economics and management, fostering an environment of intellectual growth and collaboration.

Our school continued to strengthen its global presence through strategic collaborations with leading academic institutions and industry partners. These partnerships enriched the academic experience, providing students with a truly international perspective.

Distinguished Visitors:

The School has the honoured to welcome esteemed guests and influential thinkers thourought the year, including a Nobel laureate : Eric Maskin on November 30th. These engaging sessions inspired both students and faculty, fostering a culture of curiosity and lifelong learning.

The Solvay Brussels School, also had the privilege of hosting his Majesty the King of Belgians, the Prince and his Family to the anniversary of the Faculty. 

Community Engagement:

Social Impact Initiatives: Solvay remained dedicated to creating positive societal impact. Students and faculty engaged in various social initiatives, contributing to the community and reinforcing our commitment to responsible business practices.

Solvay students showcased their creativity and problem-solving skills through a variety of innovative projects. From sustainable business initiatives to cutting-edge research, our students demonstrated a commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

One of the biggest project during this year was the crowndfunding campaign and its success. Our community rallied together in support of Solvay's ambitious projects through a successful crowdfunding campaign. An impressive number that shows the deep commitment and affection the community has for our School. So Thank You to all for your underscored support and the sharing to your social networks.

If you still wish to support the school :

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They talked about our anniversary

Looking Ahead:

As we conclude this retrospective journey through 2023, Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management looks forward to a future marked by continued excellence, innovation, and community growth. The experiences and achievements of this year serve as a solid foundation for the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Here's to a future filled with academic brilliance, collaborative endeavors, and transformative impact!

If you want to know more about the next years, you will find the Strategic plan until 2026 here.

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Key dates of the year :

January 2023
  • January 18 : Finance for society event
  • January 24 : "Etats-Généraux de l'entrepreunariat et du management" - Several conferences and debates on the entrepreneur of today and tomorrow
February 2023
  • February 09  : Recruitment Fair - Organized by Campus Recruitment 
  • February 14 : "Après-midi inédit" at ULB
  • February 16 to 19 : Semi-final Times Estiem 
  • February 17 - Ernest Learning Lab - "Digital Sobriety"
  • February 20-24 : Open classes week at ULB - More info here
  • February 21 : Recruting event - Organized by Solvay Consulting Club
  • February 22 to 23 : Solvay Carreer Days by Campus Recruitment 
  • February 23 - Ernest Learning Lab - Inclusive digital education Access - Register now
  • February 27 : Solvay Marketing Challenge - Organized by the Solvay Marketing Club
March 2023
  • March : Looking for Ernest 2.0! - As part of its 120th anniversary, the  school will publish a book highlighting 30 alumni who have had a lasting impact.
  • March 1: Session in memory of Léo Goldschmidt
  • March 1 : Management Café "L'accès à la ville passe-t-il par le petit bout de la lunette" - Organized by the CEBRIG 
  • March 2 : Hybrid conference "Rebuilding Ukraine" - Organized with CEPR and Solvay Public Policy House
  • March 6 : Solvay Digital Society, Crack the case avec BCG 
  • March 7 : Women Network Event – Women in STEM par Solvay School Alumni
  • March 8 : Solvay Mentoring Program networking event 
  • March 8 : Student Entrepreneurs Club : Speed meeting 
  • March 8 : Theme night "L'entrepreunariat et ses challenges" by Solvay Lifelong Learning
  • March 9 : Executive MBA on-campus info session : " Special international women's day" - by Solvay Lifelong Learning
  • March 10-11 : "La Revue" - Play organized by the students
  • March 10-11 : Solvay Business Game 
  • March 14 : Conference on the Open A.I. phenomenon with Professor Jean-François Raskin
  • March 15 : Retail Event - Go Green or Go Home: the Sustainability Challenge - By Solvay School Alumni
  • March 16Growth Marketing in the era of AI and sustainability - By Solvay School Alumni
  • March 18-19 : Solvay Digital Society, Hackathon data challenge 
  • March 20 : Solvay Marketing Club Event 
  • March 22 : Open doors day at ULB
  • March 23 : BE Solvay night special edition for the 120th anniversary
  • March 26 : Highschool Challenge - Competition organizedfor high school students
  • March 28 : Ernest learning Lab - "Diversity and Inclusion, a workshop" 
  • March 29 : Solvay Sustainability and business club et Solvay finance club Event 
  • March 29: Solvay Marketing Club: Marketing Challenge
  • March 30 : Solvay Fair For Impact - By the Solvay Campus Recruitment
April 2023
May 2023
  • May: The school is very proud to have among its professors Professor Mathias Dewatripont, who has been elected as a Foreign Honorary Member (2023) of the American Economic Association.
  • May 3 : Free Webinar Growth business coaching How to create a culture of accountability? (NL) - By Solvay Schools Alumuni
  • May 5 : "Rare diseases" - Event organized by the I3h
  • May 15 to 17 : "Diversity in Organisation" Conference
  • May 16 : "The CFO of the future - Towards digital impact in the Finance Team" - By Solvay Lifelong Learning and Solvay Schools Alumni
  • May 25 : Bruno van Pottelsberghe and Catherine Dehon are reelected as Dean and Vice-Dean of the SBS-EM
June 2023
  • June 10 : Executive MBA Day - Organisez by Solvay Lifelong Learning
  • June 21 : CHRO Discussion on leadership - BCG et Russell Reynolds Associates
  • June 22 : UCB-SBSEM Symposium on Business & Society 
  • June 22 : Leadership Roundtable "Unleashing sustainable performance starts in the mind
  • June 30 : ECARES@30 - Event organized by the Research Center ECARES - "Where Research Meets Society"
July 2023
  • July 3 to 7: The Journées de Statistique (Days of Statistics), French Statistical Society.
August 2023
  • August 10 to 20 : Solvay Summer School 
September 2023
  • September 11-15 : Welcome week  for the new students
  • September 18 : The start of a new academic year with 1000 new students!
October 2023
  • October 3 : Teaching Awards - En savoir plus 
  • October 12 : SBS Graduation Day 2022-2023
  • October 12 : Launch of the crowdfunding campaign
  • October 13 : QTEM Graduation Day 
  • October 14 : QTEM Graduation Day 
  • October 23 : Ernest Learning Lab - "Comment les étudiant.e.s changent leur campus?".
  • October 26 : Carreer Night - By the Campus Recruitment
November 2023
December 2023
  • Financial Times European Business School Ranking 2023,the school is in the 56th position.
  • December 9 : Bal Orange - Organized by le Cercle Solvay
  • December 14 : Hybrid Conference organized with Georgetown and Solvay Public Policy House Initiative

Highlights of the Year in Pictures:


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