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The Solvay Brussels School of Economics celebrates its 120th anniversary!

It was in June 1903 that Ernest Solvay, a Belgian captain of industry and philanthropist, decided to fund the creation of a business school. He set it up within the Université Libre de Bruxelles and installed it alongside the University's other institutes and departments in the Parc Léopold II, Brussels. 

From the beginning, the school's objective was to educate men and women to science and quantitative methods, but also in business and management. The objective was to allow students to learn how to manage a company in an enlightened way.

After more than a century of training the industrial and commercial elites of Belgium and Europe, the Solvay Brussels School continues to reinvent itself. Still under the aegis and vision of its founder, the school will ask itself in 2023: who is the Ernest Solvay of the 21st century?

Yesterday's challenges are not those of today and the training of management engineers and economists no longer covers the same imperatives. Faced with climate and social crises, and a digital and increasingly globalized world, what would Ernest Solvay have been? Founder of a start-up or captain of industry? Philanthropist or activist? Champion of social causes or climate activist?

This is what we will be seeking to discover throughout this year's celebration!


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Updated on October 13, 2023