QTEM – Quantitative Techniques for Economics and Management—is an international network that brings together outstanding students, academic partners, and international corporations.

There are currently 23 academic QTEM members.


QTEM is accessible to students who enroll in one of the following Masters:

  • Master in Business Engineering
  • Master in Management Science
  • Master in Business Economics
  • Master in Economic Analysis and European Policy

Applications must be submitted during the last year of the Bachelor programme.

Selection process

If you are a Bachelor student at SBS-EM: please check the exchange programme process. Your application must be submitted by mid-December, then interviews are conducted in February with a panel of Solvay academic representatives and corporate partners. Selected applicants have until May to submit their GMAT score, which must be at least 650.

Students from other universities may also apply to QTEM, provided they enrol in one of the above-mentioned Masters. The application form and detailed information can be obtained by sending an e-mail to tamara.schuller@ulb.ac.be, and must be submitted (including GMAT score) by May, 18 2020 to the same e-mail address. Selected applicants will be interviewed by the panel around mid-June.

Selection criteria

  • GMAT score (minimum 650)
  • Bachelor grades (with a special focus on quantitative courses)
  • English Level
  • International experience
  • Professional experience
  • Extra-academic activities
  • Motivation

Each QTEM institution can select a maximum of 20 students per academic year.


There are 2 possible tracks: two international exchanges (Master = 2 years) or one international exchange + one long-term international credited internship (Master = 2.5 years).


Track A
(2 exchanges)

Track B
(1 exchange + 1 credited internship)

1st year, Semester 1

Core courses at SBS-EM

Core courses at SBS-EM

1st year, Semester 2

First exchange


2nd year, Semester 1

Second exchange

Credited internship

2nd year, Semester 2

Core courses/Electives, seminars & thesis at SBS-EM

Core courses & electives

3rd year, semester 1


Core courses/Electives, seminars & thesis at SBS-EM


At the end of the Master and upon completion of all QTEM requirements, students will receive both the standard master’s degree delivered SBS-EM and the QTEM Master Network Certificate.

For additional information : www.qtem.org or contact Ms Tamara Schuller.

Updated on January 8, 2020