Mindful Leadership and CSR at SBS-EM

The Daniel Janssen Family chair has focused for 13 years on CSR. It is now paving the way towards mindfulness. Indeed, the chair is now called “Mindful Leadership and Corporate Social Responsibility”.

The Chair provides doctoral, MBA and Master students with a critical assessment of the social, economic and environmental role of business in both the commercial and non-commercial sectors.
The students will now have the opportunity to debate these topics with company directors and trade union or NGO officials. The Chairholder is Professor Kevin Jackson.

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Supply Savings Products in Microfinance Institutions
Recent evidence shows that the poors desperately need access to savings products. 

A recent article published in Economics Letters in March 2016 by Anastasia Cozarenco and Solvay professors, Marek Hudon and Ariane Szafarz, finds that microfinance institutions that collect savings have received fewer subsidies than their credit-only counterparts. Donors can thus have negative consequences on the diffusion of micro-savings products.

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Linked micro-data : A goldmine for economic research and policy making

Would you buy shares in a global firm by looking at its activities in only one country? Of course not!

Yet, administrative firm-level data are largely organized across national lines, with different identification systems that make it difficult to link crucial information about their operations across different countries.

Fortunately, this is changing to the benefit of research and policy making. But more should be done!

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First European PhD in Management Job Fair held at Solvay

The "PhD in Management Job Fair" was held from 29 to 30 October and organized by EFMD and the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, ULB. This 2-day event brought together job-seeking young PhD graduates, faculty and recruiters from European and international business schools and universities.
Candidates presented their job market paper to more than 50 recruiters, from European and International universities, in a 15-minute research presentation. Afterwards, recruiters scheduled on-site interviews with the candidates of interest to them.

Testimonies of participants


BVS: innovation leadership in the spotlight

The first Solvay Business Voice Series (BVS) of this academic year took place on the 15th of November, where SBS-EM announced its Innovation Knowledge Alliance with Deloitte Belgium, and with speakers from both parties in full collaboration. The Alliance focus is on establishing a thriving Culture of Innovation in corporations - a real challenge today, building from a combined academic and real-world perspective.


Women & Entrepreneurship

Meet Yeba Olayé a Solvay alumnus who decided two years ago to pursue her dream: creating an aspirational luxury brand.

Yeba is a Belgian-Beninese entrepreneur who left behind her career in management consulting to realize her entrepreneurial dreams. She started with nothing except her creativity, ambition, and skills.

Learn more about Yeba's entrepreneurial journey by reading her full interview.

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Alumni Infopoint

Congratulations to Real Impact Analytics who has been awarded the "Most Promising Company of the Year 2016" by EY, L'Echo and BNP Pa­ri­bas For­tis.

The start-up was founded by Sébastien Deletaille and Loïc Jacobs van Merlen, Solvay alumni. It "helps telecom operators manage their marketing, sales and distribution networks more efficiently with big data applications".


Smile with US

For our guest lecture series “A brand called You!” we invited Felix de Laet (Lost Frequencies) on November 23rd in our Advanced Marketing lecture. During 60 minutes students listened to this passionate DJ and record producer.

Felix who became famous with songs like“Are you with me!” and “Reality” and lately released his first album “Less is more” shared authentic and inspiring insights about his life and dreams. Sharing his experiences and believes proofed a nice example of ordinary people who tell extraordinary story’s.

Updated on April 25, 2019