A new chapter for our latest graduates!

In March, our Solvay students attended their Graduation Day. It was a moment for everyone to reflect on their own personal experience at the Solvay Brussels School.

Our guest speaker Jean Van Wetter, General Director at Handicap International, and Philip Vergauwen, Dean of the Solvay Brussels School, shared their thoughts with the students.

We wish much success to the Solvay graduates and look forward to staying in touch with them!

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Solvay Business Voice Series

In March 2018 the Solvay Business Voice Series featured Murielle Machiels, an expert in digital leadership and organizational transformation. Murielle Machiels discussed "how to adapt business techniques in digital times" while sharing her 4 leadership habits that will change people's mindset, increase their impact and decrease their stress levels.

Read Murielle's paper about this topic.

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CEO for a Day

The 2018 edition of "CEO for a Day" is now over. What did our Solvay students take away from this experience? Has their understanding of what it means to be a CEO changed?

Read about key insights they gained thanks to this initiative and if they still dream of becoming a CEO.

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Research & Knowledge

Alberto Caruso a Solvay PhD from the Research Center "Ecares" published a paper about "Macroeconomic News and Market Reaction: Surprise Indexes meet Nowcasting".

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Research & Knowledge

Marek Hudon, a professor in Economics at the Solvay Brussels School, wrote a paper about "Alternative Organizations in Finance: Commoning in Complementary Currencies"

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Credited Internship Program

Read our interview with Davide Sarandrea, a Solvay MA2 student from university "Politecnico di Milano", who undertook a Credited Internship at CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research).

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Updated on April 25, 2019