1. Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management

The Marie and Alain Philippson Chair of Global Entrepreneurship

The Chair, funded by Marie & Alain Philippson and Marie & Alain Philippson Foundation trains students to sustainable human development at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management.

About the Chair

Entrepreneurship is a crucial engine of global economic development. Future global leaders should understand this engine. High-impact and high-growth, innovation-based entrepreneurship is worldwide, and many ventures launch today with a presence in multiple regions from day one.  The Marie and Alain Philippson Chair of Global Entrepreneurship focuses on innovative teaching and training courses or programs on the launch and financing of these ventures. It aims to prepare future leaders to build and effectively finance successful new global start-ups in today’s increasingly challenging business landscape. We consider technology-based high-growth and businesses, though the emphasis is on gaining insights into entrepreneurial management, not technology per se.  Yet building a start-up as a global business requires leaders with skills and strategy much different from their predecessors of even a generation ago. Thus, the Chair offers opportunities for students to acquire the critical analytical skills to effectively assess opportunities and risks as well
 as to make sound investment and management decisions. It further aims to develop the visionary, yet pragmatic, leadership skills required to create a business and to inspire confidence at all stages of a new venture. Moreover, the Chair offers innovative follow-up programs to stimulate experience in learning—balancing in-class teaching with fieldwork namely, Silicon Valley Immersion (SVI) Week Program.  

The SVI aims to give our students a unique, on-the-ground look at the inner-workings of Silicon Valley – from start-ups and the venture capital world to the region’s most successful companies. Our students gain an edge with insight into the core capabilities of entrepreneurs and the demands, benefits, and risks of launching or working at a startup. It connects them with path-breaking entrepreneurs, with high-level leaders in business and government and, even more closely, with their classmates.  The participants will learn through lectures and cases and by engaging with the key stake-holders of the innovation and entrepreneurship community and in frank conversations with founders and C-suite executives. They will explore the unparalleled entrepreneurial ecosystem of Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area with Dr. Ant Bozkaya, one of our transformative professors and a long-time resident of the Bay Area with deep connections with top-tier universities, including the University of California at Berkeley, Harvard Business School, and MIT Sloan School.

Chair Director: Dr. Ant BOZKAYA, Professor of Management Practice
Updated on February 18, 2019