About Us

The Solvay Consulting Club (SCC) is a student organisation, founded in 2011, which promotes entrepreneurship and offers students the opportunity to bridge the gap between their studies and professional skills along with relevant practical experience.

For this, the SCC relies on three pillars which are trainings, missions and the academy.

The missions are still the SCC's core business. The idea behind is to provide voluntary students from 3rd Bachelor to 2nd Master with the best possible services when it comes to first hands-on experience in consulting. Practically, it means committing to a project on which they work for 6 to 8 weeks. These projects are usually focused on the following areas: Firstly, services in the business sector ranging from finance & accounting, strategy, marketing, organisation and corporate social responsibility. Secondly, services in the engineering sector such as prototyping, structural analysis and automation.

The purpose of the SCC is twofold. Firstly, give Start-up's, SME's and Multinational corporations quality advices based on academic and practical knowledge. Secondly, offer ambitious students the opportunity to engage in a relevant work experience alongside their studies by conducting projects. The students are supervised by more experienced project coordinators, but also by Solvay Brussels School faculty members as well as promoters from  various professional partners, such as Mc Kinsey and ATKearney. Finally, the SCC is proud to be able to rely on a strong alumni network, whose members are part of the finest companies around the world.

The SCC also offers, thanks to its partners and alumni, professional workshops during which members are encouraged to develop both soft skills and hard skills.  

To know more about the activities of the Solvay Consulting Club, visit the dedicated website.
Updated on April 30, 2019