Career decision-making is one of the most challenging and exciting experiences for young graduates of Solvay. They live in a hyper-connected era where social media and digitalisation are constantly bringing them more opportunities and exposure; however, they also confront them with new career dilemmas.

Is it normal to feel completely lost?
Should I start my career in a start-up or a big corporation?
Is my dream job waiting for me right after graduation?
Which industry should I target?
Which industry will give me the best chances to succeed?

Answering these and other questions, Career Services helps and facilitates activities such as:

Career orientation and coaching offered by certified professional coaches and career advisors.

Promotion of student initiatives such as:
Career reflection workshops: organised by the Student Office in collaboration with Solvay Schools Alumni and Career Services. Activities include testimonials from successful alumni and networking events.

Solvay Mentoring Program: a student initiative that seeks to create personal and professional one-on-one relationships between Solvay students and alumni mentors, who act as role models and provide guidance during at least one academic year.

Promotion of events and programmes offered by the Solvay Alumni Office, every year, Solvay students are invited to networking events, conferences, and training sessions organised by the association.
Updated on March 27, 2019