About Us

The Solvay Business Game was created in 2007 by students at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, and gathers 400 participants from all around Europe each year.

Our Purpose

  • Reveal

We aspire to bridge the gap between the theories covered in the classroom and the reality of the business world, by confronting students with actual business questions and creating a dramatized business environment around them. We intentionally make the business challenges more real. Time is of the essence. Problems are more complex. Judges have higher standards. The stakes are higher.

Our goal is to reveal within students a true passion for business.

  • Develop

We believe that the best way to develop skills is through practice. By trying, failing, and correcting. We immerse students into complex business problems and situations. The must understand unfamiliar industries, grow expertise across different fields, and build a team with people they don’t know, from different backgrounds, languages, and countries.

Professionals and experts help students learn on the go, with the right information delivered at the right moment, and provide feedback on their performance.

Our aim is to enable students to grow into business designers.

Our Values

  • We foster an entrepreneurial mindset
  • We embrace diversity
  • We develop people before ideas
  • We strive for excellence in execution
  • We value honest and long term relationship

The Solvay Business Game (SBG) in a nutshell


Updated on October 14, 2019