Solvay students have access to several scholarships and prizes:

Marie-Christine Adam Fund

In honour of Marie-Christine Adam, its former President, the Solvay Business School (former name of the School) created the "Marie-Christine Adam Fund" in 2000 to continue the work she started.

The objective of the fund is to encourage students to take part in international exchange programmes at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, whose development was one of Marie-Christine Adam’s most significant contributions.

HERA Awards

The Foundation for Future Generations and its partners have created HERA (Higher Education & Research Awards for Future Generations), a group of Awards of Excellence whose goal is to promote academic research leading to innovative solutions for a more sustainable society.  

BVA Essaye Award: Master and PhD

The Belgian Venture Capital & Private Equity Association awards a prize to the best PhD in the field of Venture Capital (VC) and/or Private Equity (PE).


"Green your University" Award

The "Green your University" award recognises creative and innovative student projects that contribute to improving sustainable development on university campuses.

Contest "e-Start & Go"

e-Start & Go is a contest for business creation projects in the field of e-business/e-marketing.

Shape Your Future in Energy

Sia Partners organises Shape Your Future in Energy, an innovation challenge for master students introducing them to the world of consulting, energy, and digital solutions.

If you are a master student, this challenge is an excellent opportunity for you to discover the energy sector and think outside the box! Coaching by real-life consultants plays a central part in this competition and will allow you to improve your skills. Join the competition, grow your network, get consulting insights, and win one of many prizes totalling €1,750!

Wikifin Prize

The FSMA launched the prize Wikifin awarding 1000 EUR to a master dissertation in the field of financial education. 


Updated on March 28, 2019