Without public health, no thriving economy is possible. The delivery of safe and effective healthcare remains an ongoing challenge. The healthcare cluster of the Public Policy House focuses on bridging competencies and expertise from various disciplines and fostering collaboration to contribute to affordable patient-centred healthcare advances.

To support decision-makers locally and internationally as well as actors across the health ecosystem, the healthcare cluster provides robust scientific knowledge to efficiently contribute to the development of innovative technologies and strategies.

  • The main expertise of the healthcare cluster includes:
  • Therapeutic and preventive solutions tailored to individual patients' needs
  • Innovative tools based on emerging technologies and artificial intelligence
  • Data-intensive approaches
  • Novel health systems and economic models
  • Innovation models and strategies in vaccines and treatment

The healthcare cluster also organises customised education seminars and programmes pertaining to all aspects of healthcare. This includes topics such as healthcare policy within a society, socio-economic research impacts, health systems innovations, and affordability of medicines.

Healthcare : 

Leader of the pillar

Hilde Stevens
Co-director of I3H Institute

We aim at educating the next generation of healthcare professionals and developing scientific knowledge to efficiently contribute to the development of innovative technologies and strategies.


Mis à jour le 3 juillet 2023