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Climate and Energy transition - In Policy Notes and Contributions

Peace not Pollution: How Going Green Can Tackle Climate Change and Toxic Politics
29 June 2023 - By Christian Gollier Dominic Rohner and the contribution of Estelle Cantillon

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Mobilising private sector data for climate change” - Report and workshop agenda 
March 2023 - By Estelle Cantillon, Bertrand Collignon, Grégoire Denis and Guillaume Thys
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CEPR Policy Insight 120: Electricity market design: Views from European economists 
March 2023 by Michele Polo Mar Reguant Karsten Neuhoff David Newbery Matti Liski Gerard Llobet Reyer Gerlagh Albert Banal-Estanol Francesco Decarolis Natalia Fabra Anna Creti Claude Crampes Estelle Cantillon Sebastian Schwenen Camille Landais Iivo Vehviläinen Stefan Ambec 
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Report for DG COMP (European Commission) - "Auctions for the Support of Renewables: When and how?"
August 2014 by Estelle Cantillon

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CEPR - What support mechanism is needed for flexible capacity in Belgium?, in Estache (ed.),The Next Generation of Economic Issues in Energy Policy in Europe
2014, by Estelle Cantillon
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