When to enroll ?

Registration calendar is available here.
It is possible to submit the application file without the official documents of last year. A decision will be made pending the documents. The decision is confirmed when you provided it. The documents have to be provided by the last date of registration period.

How to register in masters ?

The Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management is a faculty of ULB. The registration is organised by ULB. Please find more information here.

  • For holders of a Belgian Bachelor’s Degree from a University of Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, please check you’re your access and complete a file.
  • For holders of a Belgian Bachelor’s Degree from a “Haute Ecole” of Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles
Please check the accesses and complementary courses to masters.
  • For holders of other degrees:

- Vlaamse Gemeenschap
- European Bachelor’s Degree
- Non- European Bachelor’s Degree

If you want to apply for a master programme, you have to complete an admission file. Admission will be based on this file. The required documents are listed here. The file will be examined by the Admissions committee whether or not to admit you, and if necessary, decide on any conditions you may need to fulfil in order to be accepted. The commission will decide whether your qualifications are sufficient for you to cope with the course. There are 3 possibilities: admission, admission subject to you following extra courses or refusal. It is impossible to receive a preliminary opinion. The only option is to complete the application file and receive an official answer. Please find admission requirements. Response delay is 6 weeks.

What are the tuition fees ?

Tuition fees are available here.

Which documents are required to apply ?

Required documents are available here.

Is there any financial support or scholarship ?

About financial support or scholarship, please contact this service.

General information on master programmes

  • What are the teaching and the optional languages ?

Master programmes are taught in English, or both in English and French. If you chose a programme both taught in English and French, you need to be able to follow classes and succeed exams in French.

  • What is the starting date ?

Bachelor and master programme start in September.

  • When and where can I receive more information ?

All our information sessions are here.

  • Do you offer evening classes ?

Master programme are taught during the day. For evening classes, please refer below to “Global view on programmes”

Global view on programmes

Which programme, for whom ?
Solvay Brussels School offers various courses in Management and Economics depending on work experience, language of teaching and schedule. For each of them we have different admission criteria, tuition fees and contact person.

  • Please find more information about Bachelor programmes. They are taught mostly in French, during the day and last three years. It is designed for students with high school degree. They begin in mid-September.
  • Please find more information about Master programmes. The masters are taught in English or both in English and French, during the day and last two years. It is designed for students without experience. They begin in mid-September.
  • We offer Complementary/Specialised Masters. These masters are taught in English or French, during the day or the evening, for Master Students with no or limited work experience.
  • We also offer Advanced Masters. It is designed for Master Students with no or limited work experience. These programmes are taught in English and are full time course (day classes). They last one year.
  • We offer several Executive Education programmes, including the MBA which is designed for people who already have at least 3 years’ experience.
Updated on June 21, 2019