Genesis​ of the initative

In 1903, Ernest Solvay promoted the creation of the “Ecole de Commerce Solvay” on the premise that science is key to the humanity’s development. He wanted a school that was different: a foot in hard sciences and industry, another in economics, sociology, and a dedication to transform public policy. The Solvay Public Policy House is the faculty’s latest endeavour to advance that ambition.​

Brussels being the capital of Belgium and of Europe, it host some of the most important institutions defining global governance, regulation, and economic policy. The Solvay Public Policy House, anchored in Brussels, aims at supporting initiatives for positive change in such fields, by bringing academic findings and scientific methods directly to the door of those willing to tackle such the unprecedented challenges ahead. ​

Some of the fields covered by our experts include social mobility, globalization, public governance, competition policy, digitalization, the energy transition… Solvay is unique in combining advanced mastery of economics and management for private markets and for public concerns, with a broad alumni network in the private and in the public sectors, in Belgium and globally. This allows us to provide a unique perspective on such policy matters.

Vision, Mission​

The Solvay Public Policy House aims at providing innovative advice to policymakers and facilitating policy actions for complex times, raising awareness on long term objectives while promoting rapid action.  It advances mutually beneficial solutions for free societies with healthy ecosystems. ​

The SPPH shares the EU values of inclusion, tolerance, justice, solidarity, non-discrimination and liberty and the ULB values of free inquiry, primacy of democracy, and a concern for restoring our planet’s resilience.   ​

A multitude of policy pillars

In terms of training programs, the faculty of Solvay implemented across-the-board reforms to integrate sustainability in all programs.  A new master in Economic Governance and Public Policy in Europe is starting in 2022.  An Advanced Master in Political Economy, joint with Georgetown University, has been running since 2017.  ​

In terms of policy-oriented research, Solvay is home to multiple research centers which together cover a wide span of expertise. 

Updated on June 1, 2022